Many of the women we have served over the past few years have said, "What I want is women to do things with that aren't about going out to eat or drinking. I want things that can involve my kids sometimes too." 

Your Turn listened.  We began hosting "FUNZIE EVENTS" which have included roller skating with children welcome but more for women to laugh like they were 13 again. Having fun with movement that brings back memories of youth is a wonderful thing! Your Turn has also organized a "FITNESS FASHION SHOW" where women of ALL sizes get to show off their beautiful body in clothes that hug and make them feel sexy while being fitness functional. As a group we have attended yoga, made dates to play golf, and been inspired at Your Turn Meet & Greet. We have organized group volunteering opportunities and dressed up in Mardi Gras masks and boas while cheering and passing out Jelly Beans to runners. Even though it was a freezing morning, we had many laughs as well as frozen toes.

JOIN US for the community but don't discount the FUNZIES!!

FUNZIES, What Are Funzies?