​​​Hi!! My name is Melodie Holman and I am the co-founder of Your Turn.  In October of 2009 I stood on the scale at my doctor's office and told myself that I was fat.  I am the mother of five children and from October 2009 until October 2011 I lost 100 pounds (actually, it was 98 pounds), ran a marathon, and started a woman's movement. Not one of those amazing accomplishments would have been achieved if I had to do them on my own.  Before Your Turn was ever imagined it had begun.  It began when I first started on my weight loss journey by meeting Dawn at an exercise class at the YMCA.  I told her my goal of losing weight, she encouraged me and kept me accountable to showing up to the fitness class we were taking.  When I told her my goal of running a marathon, she said she'd train with me even though she didn't have that as her goal.  Then I figured the more the merrier so I recruited more women to train with us.  When the marathon was over I told her my next goal, starting a woman's movement to do what we did...a community of women supporting each other toward their health and fitness goals.  

Your Turn was officially created in the fall of 2011.  Since the beginning Your Turn has supported over 900 women achieve a health and fitness goal they didn't feel they could do on their own. Some of the goals were far fetched, running a 1/2 marathon then participating in the New Zealand Ironman Triathlon.  Some were participating in a walking group, others were meeting as a group to keep themselves accountable to the goals they set for themselves.  What all the women discovered was that their goal wasn't theirs alone, other women wanted the same thing and when they teamed up to do it together...a new sense of self was discovered and a goal was achieved!  

Don't sit back and think or wonder "what if", instead join our community and together we can make it happen!