Your Turn agrees with YOU!!!  Deprivation isn't a way of life and that is what diets ARE!!!  They are deprivation long enough to trick your body into losing pounds then when you go back to "real" life, all those pounds come piling back on and then some... just for good measure!  If diets and deprivation were the answer, we'd all be the perfect size in our mind and we'd never crave (enter any craving you have that is "BAD" for you) what we know isn't in the best interests of our health.  

Instead can you imagine tweaking your "real" life eating habits so slowly that over time your "real" life eating has changed? That is Small Steps to Healthy Eating in a nutshell.  

Most of us know what we "SHOULD" eat for our best health but the trick is making it so that it comes naturally.  Picking up kale chips instead of deep fried potato ones... eating a small or kiddie size ice cream instead of the triple scoop... cutting back the cereal consumption from a heaping bowl to a serving size... dropping from a twelve pack of soda to 1 or none per day.  That's where real life and real health are.  

Contact us and find out when our next Small Steps sessions are and let's stop the roller-coaster!

"I am NOT going to deprive myself of treats just because "THEY" want me to or think I should."

"What am I going to do", you think, "I've tried diets before... I keep ending up this size or BIGGER".

Maybe that's not what your doctor, friend, husband, well-intentioned co-worker said but you know that's what they meant when they looked at you and said, "You shouldn't eat that." Or:  "Are you going to eat that?" Or: "Yoga pants/leggings shouldn't be worn be anyone over a size 4" (when you have them on... in front of them while they are saying that).  

You're Fat, Just Lose Weight